Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adolf was evil, dude

There's a bumper sticker on a pick-up that regularly parks near me in the employee lot here at work. It reads, "Hitler was a politician." My first thought was, I wonder if politicians should be insulted, or should Hitler?"
Now before someone reads (ha!) this and starts trying to figure out who I am so they can come burn my house down, or leaves "my wife is county clerk in Onlynicepeoplelivehere, WI, and she's wonderful!" messages (again, ha) please note that I do not believe that any US politicians has killed tens of millions of people nor that any of them have tried to take over Europe through military means.
My problem is I think they want to. Maybe not so much the extermination of a certain class/ethnicity/race or whatever, but at a certain level of government (not sure what level, but I'm pretty sure it starts around statewide offices), a politician needs to have enough unchecked ambition to get elected. That stuff doesn't just go away.
To transmogrify a Dwight Eisenhower quote: "Anyone who wants to president should not be allowed to."

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