Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now I can't be annoyed if someone thinks I'm a racist because of the color of my skin???

Becky C., who usually has spot on analysis for politics and the like, really makes a heinous statement in Boss Clinton and the Racial Gambit:

Blacks, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ... assume there is racism, until proven otherwise. And there is certainly a very valid reason for their assumption, and the fact that a lot of whites are irritated by the attitude proves it. (Emphasis mine)

Now let me get this straight, Becky. If Al Sharpton assumes I am a racist due to the color of my skin, and I feel this assumption is unfair, and feel the slightest bit peeved by it, my annoyance at this proves that I am a racist? What else could we prove through this method?

Am I proven to be a misogynist because I dislike when women think I am a misogynist because I am the proud owner of a penis? Or could we prove Rev. Sharpton a racist by my assuming he hates white people because he's black, then having him express dismay at me for making a racist assumption?

No, the only things the above would prove is I am annoyed when people assume I am racist, dislike when women assume I am misogynistic, and Al Sharpton would become dismayed for assuming he's racist.

I have proven though, Becky needs a beginning course in logic.

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