Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pick a pace, please

I like to drive very fast, which is unfortunate, because I drive many two-lane roads on my commute to and from work. I often get stuck behind people who have no business driving on any day but Sunday.

I could probably handle the occasional slowpoke if it were not for the four-lane sections (two in each direction) of these same roads. It is this moment where these inconsiderate sloth-loving asses decide to speed up. That's right, the same idiot who does 30mph (in a 55mph) when I have no opportunity to pass him, accelerates to 70 (with the same 55mph limit) when I do have a chance to get in front of him.

So I am left with two choices. I can either push my crappy 4-cylinder 1996 Chevy Malibu to 80 and try to get past this moron before I'm down to one lane, or I can stay put and end up doing 30 when we merge again.

I have no idea why these people want me to hate them.

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