Monday, October 15, 2007

Look where you're going

Along with pissing me off on rural highways, other drivers make me want to cut my Achilles tendon on major limited access roads as well. The early part of my trip home takes me on eight and ten lane sections of Interstate 80. It is often slow going during rush hour, the 9 mile stretch I ride taking fifteen to thirty minutes most days. Occasionally, like last Thursday, it takes much longer.

For about four miles, the traffic was stop and go, taking about forty minutes for the normally ten minute or less stretch of road. I sit and wait. I listen to the traffic on the radio. No mention of my section of 80. No mention of 80 at all. I change the station to music. I move up 100 yards. I stop. I sing. I move up 200 yards. I stop. I change the station back to traffic. Still no mention of why I'm waiting. I yell at no one in particular. I change the station back to music. I move 100 yards.

I repeat this process many times before I finally see what is causing the delay. A two car accident, plus a police car with its lights on. The three vehicles take up only only lane, plus the shoulder. And they're ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD.

Yes, that's right folks, the accident that caused me to lose a half hour of my life breathing the lovely exhaust from hundreds of cars was on the other side of a divided highway.

I have no idea why these people want me to hate them.

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